I am way behind schedule😫. I’m so sorry about that. The plan is to write at least one blog post every two weeks except this time around, I’ve missed my own deadline. I recently started my first internship, it’s taking up pretty much all of my time and.. Well, that’s a story for another day 👅

This post is about FRIENDSHIP. Anyone who knows me knows just how much friendship means to me. I really don’t joke with my friends at all. They mean a whole lot to me and I’ll do absolutely anything for those I consider my friends. 

We all have friends – though some have way too more than they actually need. I can’t blame you, I mean life is such that you end up going through each phase making new friends along the way. Every year, maybe – every month, perhaps every week; well, if you’re that friendly – but then again, you realize that it’s never really the same as having that ONE FRIEND. 

The question that we should be asking ourselves is – Do we have that one friend that we can always count on? Who will always be there for us regardless? That friend who knows literally everything about you and still loves you anyway? That friend who will never judge you in spite of all the stupid things you’ve done? The first person you want to call whenever anything comes up? That one friend that you are so sure of will not hesitate to risk their life for you? The one who makes your problems their own? Do you really have a NAA TEIKO in your life? 

This Ganyobi right here deserves more than just an essay😫 See, Dromo, if I had money erh I would spoil you anyhow!! I just knew I wanted to spend the rest of my life with you from the moment I set my eyes on you. 😂😂No homo, relax guys – but I mean it! In the most non-sexual, platonic way ever 😂. Why am I even bothering to explain myself?! 

I had been living in Osu for God knows how long and I had no one to hang out with. I’m talking as if my dad would have allowed it – the old man was so strict! Even if I wanted to buy credit, I had to send one of my brothers to do that for me🙄. I was the typical EFIE AKOKO. I was so naive and miserable 😫 until I met Teiko. So outgoing! So fun! So experienced! (Teiko knows everything😂😂) So popular! So cool! (Matter of fact, I always thought that she was way too cool to ever want to be my friend – I still do) So beautiful! So full of life! Sigh.. So perfect 😫 and I wanted so much to be like her. I had some pretty huge low self esteem issues back then and I desperately needed someone I could look up to. I’m not ashamed to say this but I literally threw myself on her. See, if there’s something or someone that you like, GO for it or him or her! Before it’s too late. Sometimes, you need to be the one to make the first move.

I did and I’ve never looked back since! l learnt so much and everyday with her, I keep learning more and more. I learnt how to wear make up, and fix my nails and what type of hair to buy and the kinds of clothes and shoes to get, the sort of people to avoid, managing my social media brand (honestly before I met Teiko I had no idea what Instagram and Twitter were 😂😂), exploring Accra, getting involved in various initiatives, being out there, being known, the constant “you’re worth it”, “you can do it” pep talks…the sex education 😂😂… I wouldn’t be where I am and the person that I am today if it weren’t for NAA TEIKO. 

My dad never liked any of my friends but with you, whenever you came around it was as if you had come to visit him instead. The convos and laughter😂😂 I never understood how you two managed to click! And then my dad fell sick and passed away and so did yours – it’s just weird how the same stuff keep happening to us. I’ll never forget the day my dad died. It’s as if you knew something terrible would happen that day. I was in bed feeling so reluctant to get up. My spirit was so down – almost like I knew something bad was about to happen. My mum was almost always at the hospital with my dad so I was the one who had to keep things moving at home. But that morning, I just couldn’t find it in me to.. to 😞 and then out of the blue you came and convinced me to get out of bed and take my bath and you helped me cook beans and plantain for the boys, then you made me up and picked an outfit for me, all so we could take pictures 😂😂😂 All this just to cheer me up. And it worked. And then my mum came home with my dad’s stuff and without him and I just knew that was it. 

You guys will never understand why I love her so much😫. You’ve always been there for me Naa. I don’t even know how I would have gone through most of the difficult moments in my life if you weren’t right there beside me through it all. Even when you have problems of your own, you’d still go out of your way to try and help me with mine – just to make sure I’m alright. Through all the heartbreaks and countless fuck boys, nothing has changed between us😂 One advice though, always remember BITCHES BEFORE BOYS. It’s a cold world out there. Never choose a guy over your friend. He’s not worth losing your friendship for. 

I haven’t been myself for the past two months. A heartbreak can do that to you – hit you so hard and so bad. I had reached that point where I felt that nothing was worth my time anymore. There was no enthusiasm to continue with NARKIES CRAVINGS or go out or write or continue with my YouTube channel (something I’ve wanted to do so much!). But Teiko never gave up on me even when I had given up on myself, everyday she’d try and talk me into going back to the vibrant and confident person that I used to be and picking up from where I left off. I wasn’t minding her at first but Teiko can be very persistent when she wants to be. Right now, I know I’m going straight ahead to achieve all my goals. If she believes in me, then I believe in me too. If she can still see the real me underneath all the mess then it means I can find the strength to be myself again. I’m never looking back again and I’m sure as hell not going to allow another human being to ever make me feel worthless again. Ever!

I love you so much GRACE LOIS NAA TEIKO NORTEY. Dromo, if I had to sacrifice my life just so you could live, I’d do it a hundred times over. It takes most people years to find something like what we have. You’re my soul mate and I thank God it didn’t take me forever to find you.