You told me “Follow your heart..” And guess what? – I actually did – only to have YOU break it into a tiny million pieces ⚑️

Fire, Baibey, Fire πŸ”₯
“Naa, he’s just like fire to me😩😍”

That’s the only way I know how best to describe you

You had me feeling all kinds of things

Emotions I had no idea I could ever feel

You made the rest look like play

For a minute, I thought you were the real deal

Why would you waste so much time on me

Only to switch up out of the blue?

Why would you forcibly enter my world

And leave me hanging like a fool?

Why would you do everything right

Then suddenly take flight ?

Why would you promise not to hurt me

Yet, do the exact same opposite?

Leaving me so drained, with no more energy to fight..

Why would you leave me so BROKEN?

So many questions, I wish I had answers to

What was my crime?

All I ever did was love you 😞

And now here I am, Unable to sleep anymore

You’re all I think of, mi amor

You were supposed to be my happy place

Except, it is no more

I feel, I feel… 😩

A gut wrenching pain in my chest

I wish I could rip my heart out

It suddenly feels like a pest

Is this how it feels like? To be BROKEN?

And I’m dying to know

Is it killing you like it is with me?

Or am I alone

Like a dead fish stuck in this flow?

I’ve never felt anything like this before

For the first time in my life,

I bare my soul with words, so raw

Intense, and with a depth like never before

Oscar says the heart was meant to be broken

Well look what you did with mine..,

Bruised and beat up with words unspoken

I keep wondering if I’ll ever feel UN-BROKEN

I know my heart will never be the same

So I keep lying to myself that it was just a game

And even till this moment, I keep taking the blame

Next time I won’t love till it drives me insane!

Mama said, Fire will always burn – hard & fast

It’s like she knew right from the start

Did I really think, “Till death do us part?”

What we had was so beautiful 🌹

Something I could never walk past

And if I had to do it all again

I’ll do it, even if it’s all in vain

But right now my heart is so tired

Will I ever feel whole again?


41 thoughts on “BROKEN πŸ’”

  1. If it’s meant to stay .
    It would have
    It’s hurt a lot but try and let it go
    Let this strengthen you ma’am cos life is still a journey
    This isn’t the end okay
    Tht broken piece would be mended someday 😞..
    always remember, there is always love from above πŸ™.
    I feel your pain

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    • Beautiful words from a beautiful person! Your words mean a lot to me Daniella😩
      I’ll keep them and let them strengthen meπŸ™πŸ½ The irony of life is that I’ll probably look back to this period in my life and laugh at myself for thinking my world was going to end because of this!! Thank you so much b🌹


  2. I love this. I have been there and back. I didn’t think I could find happiness ever again. But here I am sipping on wine and munching on some chicken like I have never been heart broken. It’s just a phase girl. I don’t know you personally but from your words I could tell you’re resilient. Never let anything hold you back. The pendulum will eventually swing your way.

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    • Your words mean so much to me BellathaπŸ™πŸ½πŸ˜€ You have given me one thing I never thought I’d have at this point in my life and that’s HOPE. Thank you so much ❀️❀️❀️❀️


  3. Sweetie you’ll be fine yeah. Like you said you’re GOLD. It’s his lossπŸ™‚. You loved because that’s who you are and not because he made you. You’ll wake up from this disappointment knowing you have more to give to someone who will really stay. Nice peace. You’re good

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  4. I haven’t been here in a while. I seem to have missed a bit.
    This piece is a very beautiful and touching one. Not many people would like to admit it but loads of us can relate to this. I do hope you are stronger by going through this. You’re a beautiful and an amazing person. It’s his loss to let you go. Anyone would be lucky to have you.
    as always, I love your writing. keep it up. πŸ‘πŸ‘

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    • As always, your comments leave me smiling and feeling much better April ❀️ I can’t thank you enough πŸ™πŸ½πŸ™πŸ½ When I look back at when I wrote this and how I feel now, I realize that I’ve become a much stronger person than I was. I thought I wouldn’t get through it, ever! But I have and I feel great!

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      • I’m glad to hear that you’re doing better now. Always remember, boys ain’t sh*t. You’ll meet the one who will adore you and worship the ground you walk on and always remind you how lucky he is to have you and you’ll see that going through all this was eventually worth it even though it sucks so much when you’re actually going through it. Just keep on being yourself and always do you. Don’t compromise or lose yourself for anyone. If they can’t handle it, the way is their front. They can skedaddle. 😊😊

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